IDEALIFE - Rats Repeller (Solar Powered) - IL – 300RS

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IDEALIFE - Pest Control – Rats Repeller – Pengusir Tikus (IL–300RS)

Specifications :

  • Use to repell : Rats
  • Plug and Use, no maintenance
  • No Poison, Smell, No Side Effects to human Being
  • Max Effective are: 25-120m2
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 400khz-1000khx
  • frequency Operations - rest 30secs, working 1.5secs
  • Waterproof, do not let water in joint section
  • Disrupts rats central nervous system, make rats stay away
  • Device powered by sunlight and battery
  • Wattage : Watt
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Pcs per Carton :  Pcs
  • Barcode No : 
  • Outer Carton Dimension : Cm
  • Gift Box Dimension :  Cm
  • Kg per Carton : Kg
  • Gram per Pcs : 1000 Gram
  • NO. HS LABEL :  

KEEP YOUR LAWN LOOKING BEAUTIFUL AND FREE OF BURROWING PESTS: Are you tired of dirt mounds popping up in your grass? Want to keep your garden safe from moles, voles, gophers, snakes and other harmful critters without using gopher traps or poisonous bait? Try these eco-friendly solar powered spikes that use sonic waves to deter diggers.

The spikes are water resistant, not waterproof. They can handle rain and sprinklers, but are not designed to withstand being submerged underwater. We recommend that the aluminum spike protrude at least 3" above the soil to prevent the water level from reaching the housing. It is best to remove the spikes in the event of heavy flooding.

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