IDEALIFE - Mosquitos & Flies Octenol Bait - Octenol Umpan Nyamuk & Lalat - IL-300Ms

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IDEALIFE - Mosquitos & Flies Octenol Bait - Octenol Umpan Nyamuk & Lalat - IL-300Ms

Specifications :

1-Octen-3-oloctenol for short and also known as mushroom alcohol,[1] is a chemical that attracts biting insects such as mosquitoes. It is contained in human breath and sweat, and it was once believed that insect repellent DEET works by blocking the insects' octenol odorant receptors.[2][3] 1-Octen-3-ol is a secondary alcohol derived from 1-octene. It exists in the form of two enantiomers, (R)-(–)-1-octen-3-ol and (S)-(+)-1-octen-3-ol.

What attracts mosquitoes best? The attractant R-Octenol increases your catch rates up to 10 times! R-Octenol is a new technology and will lure biting insects to the IL - 300MF trap and away from you and your family.

Petunjuk Penggunaan :

  • Buka Tutup Kertas Alumumium Foil, kemudian Letakkan pada tempat yang sudah disediakan di bagian atas IL-300 MF.
  • Tempatkan Stiker Pengingat pada kalender anda dan ganti umpan Setelah 30 Hari

Spesific Chemical :

Octenol is an attractant that makes the plume of CO2 seem even more like human breath. Chemically, it's 1-octen-3-ol or C8H160, and is formed when linoleic acid is broken down by the body. It's also produced by some fungi, including edible mushrooms, so another name for it is "mushroom alcohol." It has been approved by the FDA as a synthetic flavoring to be added to food, and it's also used in perfume. Mosquitoes and other insects can sense it, so it attracts them, as well as black flies and no-see-ums.

Kemasan :

  • Bahan ini dikemas dengan menggunakan Blister Card
  • Outer Carton Dimension : 300 mm x 200 mm x 95 mm
  • Blister Card Dimension    : 87 mm x 165 mm
  • Pcs / Ctn                         :  40pcs  / Ctn
  • Weight / Pcs                    : 20 g
  • Weight / Ctn                    : 797 g
  • Barcode                        : 6937.6599.329.39

*setalah di buka, 1 umpan ini bisa dipakai selama 30 hari

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