IDEALIFE - Electric Grill / Shabu - Grill Panggang Listrik - IL-116D

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IDEALIFE - Electric Grill / Shabu - Grill Panggang Listrik - IL-116D

Specifications :

  • Pot size: 16*22*6.5cm (Soup) / 16*22*3cm (Grill)
  • Marble Coating Plate
  • Non Stick Coating Plate
  • Temperature Setting Per Pot
  • Auto Thermostat Control
  • Safety Fuse Protector (protect from unstable voltage)
  • High quality 0.75m2 power cable (for heat protection)
  • 1m Cable Cord
  • Various Heat operation
  • Portable Carry Handle
  • Can use individually
  • Indoor Use Only

  • Wattage : 600w x 2 pot
  • Pcs per Carton :  6Pcs
  • Barcode No : 98522.014.0906
  • Outer Carton Dimension : 61.5*43*45.5Cm
  • Gift Box Dimension :  43.5*13.5*29.8Cm
  • Kg per Carton : 15Kg
  • Gram per Pcs : 2.5Kg
  • NO. HS LABEL : 8516.6090

Nomor Tanda Pendaftaran Petunjuk & Kartu Jaminan: IMKG.2837.12.2020

Uji Lab: Q1-20-12-0558 Test Report

K3L: 21-L-000622

Indoor Hotpot & BBQ Experience
Enjoy all the fun same as outdoor in your cozy house. With IDEALIFE electric grill and hotpot you can throw a hotpot and BBQ party with your friends and family indoor and prepare mouthwatering food.You don’t need to wait in line at the restaurant and spend the extra bucks.

2 IN 1 Hot Pot & Grill
IDEALIFE electric hot pot with grill combines electric hotpot and grill innovatively, allowing you to enjoy hotpot and grilling at the same time. It is perfect for Korean BBQ, grilling, frying, soup and hotpot. Dual purpose, offers double fun!

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