IDEALIFE - Electric Dish Dryer – Pengering Piring - IL–119A

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IDEALIFE - Electric Dish Dryer – Pengering Piring - IL–119A

Specifications :

  • Capacity: 43 Litres
  • Material :  Food Grade-PS/PP
  • Function : Gathering / Drain / Dry / Antibacterial
  • Temperature : 60-80 Celcius
  • With UV lamp for sterilize
  • Anti Bacterial + Storage
  • Timer Control: 10-50 Minutes
  • Stainless steel Rack for store : 8 bowls, 7 plates, 8 pair of chopsticks
  • Perfect to sanitize baby utensils
  • Wattage: 300Watt
  • Pcs per Carton: 1 Pcs
  • Bercode No : 9852.1903.0918
  • Outer Carton Dimension :   Cm
  • Gift Box Dimension : Cm
  • Kg per Carton : 5.5 Kg
  • Gram per Pcs : 4.1 Kg


MKG : 

Uji Lab: 


It air-dries wet dishes via cyclonic hot air drying technology; disinfects against bacteria; and helps you save on storage space. Made with food-grade, dustproof and rust-free material, the IDEALIFE Dish Dryer provides a sanitized environment for storage and prevents secondary pollution.

-Dry bottles faster to prevent mold or fungus.

The faster you dry your baby bottles, the less chance there is that mold or fungus will set in.

If left damp for too long or if water collects in the bottom of the bottle, mold and fungus can begin to grow.

A bottle dryer can have your baby bottles dry and ready to go in anywhere from 30-60 minutes!

-Keeps baby bottles sterile for up to 24 hours.

Once you’ve sterilized and dried your baby bottles, you can leave them inside the IDEALIFE Dishdryer for up to 24 hours and rest assured they’re still sterile.

The same can’t be said for a countertop baby bottle drying rack. If someone sneezes or coughs around your baby bottles, they’re all in need of re-washing and sterilizing.

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